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Our parking professionals advise clients on a wide spectrum of planning-related issues. From the earliest planning stages to the smallest of details in preparation for daily operations, our staff of parking professionals – having decades of experience with all types of parking facilities and operations in all real estate markets – can provide valuable insight, perspective and assistance. • We develop pro formas and provide financial analysis based on our 80+ years of hands-on experience in parking operations to give our clients – and their lenders – confidence in the financial models on which their investments are based. • We make recommendations on technologies and designs to optimize traffic flow and reduce costs, such as the placement of parking spaces, ingress and egress points, parking ramps, columns, stairs, signage, access points and revenue control equipment. • During the facility start-up process, we support clients on technology procurement, staffing and training, facility maintenance, pricing and marketing. Through these services, we help maximize our clients’ property values and return on investment.