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PF Parking has partnered with JuiceBar EV Chargers.

JuiceBar EV is made in America in East Hartford CA.


Charge Faster with Level 2

Most electric vehicles come with a Level 1 charging station (slow or ‘trickle’ charging station). These plug in to a ‘standard’ outlet (US – NEMA 5-15).
However, for EV owners who want the convenience of charging at home in only a few hours, a Level 2 charging station is ideal. Level 2 charging stations plug into a 240V outlet (like a clothes dryer or oven) and deliver more power to the car to charge it faster.
JuiceBar manufactures Level 2 charging stations in a variety of power levels, with a variety of installation options (hardwired or various plug styles).

  • Charge up to 7x faster than the Level 1 cord set that came with your electric vehicle.
  • Level 2 (240V) charging stations are more affordable than ever.

Rebates and Tax Credits, by State

There are many rebates and tax incentives for purchasing and installing a Level 2 charging station at your home or business. These vary by area, so check with your local utility company to see if there are incentives to take advantage of in your area, including a time-of-use rate.




"The JuiceBar highlights our commitment to the environment. Having the highly visible charge equipment with our brand in our facilities keeps this initiative in the minds of all of our customers."

The JuiceBar and the Green Garage Oasis brands were born in 2009 with the concept of providing sustainable, premium amenities and creating superior electric vehicle charging stations, or rather, electric JuiceBars. Working with the BMW Design Works team, the JuiceBar® was to be grander, encompassing not just a plug, but also a philosophy. The early vision of the flagship product, the JuiceBar charging station was to “charge cars, not people”, however with the opportunity cost to facilities’, JuiceBar evolved its model to offer facility owners the choice in how to implement their JuiceBars. JuiceBar understands both the pay-to-charge model as well as the free model of charging EVs used in certain service and commercial parking facility applications.

  • Iconic Design with LED illuminated Juice Bar logo
  • Premium Electric Vehicle Charging Product & Experience
  • Flexible design to incorporate future technology.
  • Weatherproof – Indoor/Outdoor Use

JuiceBar is the Most Customizable EV Charging Station

JuiceBar charging stations offer choice.   You choose whether to charge a fee or offer free EV charges to your employees or customer. JuiceBar that includes the optional Point-of-Sale & Communications System provides additional choices such as the ability to offer customer rewards, loyalty points, and access cards. Our team can help you develop a plan that will fit the unique needs of your customer and your facility.

JuiceBar Provides Owners a Billboard of Sustainability
Juice Bar prides itself on its client-focused approach.  Our team is always ready to assist with developing a strategy that best suits your needs. JuiceBar charging stations can be customized to your message, branding or advertising. A JuiceBar charging station will create a positive, lasting impression for your employees and customers and will add to the overall appearance of your facility.


This double EV Charge was installed in Connecticut and can charge two vehicles at a time. It has a steel constructed waterproof box on a pedestal base.